Let's start with ... A smile!

Where are you from? is the usual question about my roots. Well … 

I feel that I am just of the land that I am walking in any time and gave me welcomes, not only of the one that gave birth to me. My personal and artistic roots grew in my childhood, yes, but it has been developing in the many places where I have passed, formed with the studies and works done, and complete with the references of the teachers in which I have inspired and, also, complete with the works among my intimate friends that I shared, and, finally, with the lessons I had receive from life. So, that’s me, it’s me, made by myself!


Welcome to the joelius of 2017!

The summary of my life would be: until the 21 years, hard work, studies, youth, music, military services ...; From 21 to 40, more professional and stimulating work, studies and training, children ...; At 40, I stopped to be an employee and started to be an entrepreneur; Since my 50, I leave all my last activities and started to works exclusively like actor, traveling around, enjoy my grandchildren’s life, studding different subjects, and ... until today.

Add to my business studies, I can have communication in English and French ..., and I am still studying French, Japanese, Quechua, Italian, Portuguese, ... Computer science, floral art, restoration of furniture, environment, music, radio, dramatic art, etc., are other of my studies.


    Respect to dramatic art, at the end of 2006, I left this activity. In any case, I have done since them some things like ...
    2008/2009 - I direct my first two short films, "More is the same" and "Güisqui, women and bath, once a year"; I teaches dramatic art, and I direct a group of theatre in Los Gallardos, among other small things; 2011 - I run the radio program "La Tertulia" in Onda Mar Radio, Garrucha (Almería); 2013 - I continued with the interpretation classes, and participate in the "Christmas Carol" play, producer by the Indalo Players group, in Mojácar, directed by Outfried Land and. 2014 - I participated in the play of Indalo Players production "Alice in Wonderland ", Directed by Outfried Land, with de character of "Knave".

    About literature, this passion gave me the opportunity to study the ancient civilizations. I started to write and travelling about that in 2011, and this is reflected in the study book "that's the way we are, if you seem so".  It’s an open work to which I will add data as time goes by, and I’ll have them.
    In addition, I continue to nourish my literary, poetic and social spirit with two other volumes that will be built live and live, as it may be, these are my last works. His titles: "poetic moments, emotional moments" and "politically incorrect (or so they say) and, in addition, I don’t believe in everything and either in everyone."
    So, go to the page of the writer if you want, and you will find news there every now and then, as the time allows me to do it, of course.


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